Monday, February 8, 2010

The Blind Man

Approaching the red light, about to turn off my street, I saw him. As I sat in my car and awaited the signal to turn, I couldn't help but watch his graceful strides and effortless ease. He carried his grocery bags in one hand and his walking stick with the other. Headed to run simple errands, just the normal day to day things that I take for granted, I watched this man and felt deep compassion. I don't know his name, I don't know his story but for some reason on this day I was deeply drawn to him. I wondered what his life was like. I wanted to know his struggles, his pain, his joy and what it is that drives him to get out of bed each morning. I wanted to just walk with him and talk. As the light changed signaling it was time for me to go, I drove past him and looked in my rear view mirror as he crossed the street and I began to reflect on my own heart.
There is so much in this life that we take for granted, even the beautiful gift of visual sight. What a gift to see the sunrise over the ocean, the red sunset over the African plains, animals grazing at the foot of a river, a babies first smile, the look on a couples face on their wedding day, front row seats at your favorite sporting event, the joy in someone who has truly given their heart over to Christ. Then, I thought about what a gift it might be to not see some of the evil in this world, to not be tempted by things which can only be seen. Though evil transcends just vision, it was just something I pondered as I watched him walk away. I began to thank God for the little things, like vision, that we take for granted. I began to look around me as I drove and take in my surroundings, asking God to remind me to never miss the beauty of this world; of His creation. As I think back to that graceful man I saw that day, I thank him and God for reminding me of how blessed I am.

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