Saturday, March 12, 2011


As my car eased into the parking spot and I placed the gear in park, I glanced up and saw him sitting with his back against the wall, sleeping on the pavement outside of the grocery store. Immediately I knew I was going to go up to him and introduce myself, maybe if I was lucky, I would make a new friend. As I grabbed my purse, stepped out of my car and began walking towards the man, his eyes slowly opened as if he had been expecting me. "Hi" I said. "What is your name?" "Frank," he responded. "Well Frank, my name is Tamara, it is really nice to meet you. Are you going to be here for a few minutes? I'll be right back." "OK," he simply replied.
As I walked through the grocery store thinking about what Frank might like to eat, I shuffled from aisle to aisle thinking, why didn't I just ask him what his favorite foods are? I'm still learning, I guess. I decided a safe bet would be just to get a sandwich with some chips and a cookie. Not the healthiest of options, but arguably the easiest given the circumstances. After getting the things I came for and going through the checkout line, I exited the building, turned the corner, and found Frank pushing the carts to the building. I walked up and said, "Frank, I didn't know what you would like, but here is some dinner." I handed him the bag of food and the few dollars I had in my wallet. He simply said, "thank you." He didn't strike up a conversation, he didn't ogle over the gift God had placed on my heart to give my new friend, and to expect such would be for the wrong reason. "Frank, it was really nice to meet you, I have been in some difficult situations before in my own life; I just wanted to help in any way I could. And I just want you to know that you are loved; God loves you." Again, he said, "thank you." As I started to walk away I said "Frank, you take care of yourself, OK." He just sat back down on the filthy pavement and leaned his tired back against the wall.
It was a quick meeting. It didn't change Frank's life, of that I am certain. But it was what God placed on my heart to do.
As I walked away, all I could think of, were those little moments in life that have the greatest impact. Frank was one of those moments.
It only takes a second to change someones life, and by someone, I mean me.

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